Penis Stretching: 5 Exercises for Length and Girth

Penis stretching – Overview Penis stretching is referred to using the hands or a device for increasing the length or girth of the penis. Although there’s evidence present to recommend that stretching can increase the size, the outcomes are generally minimal. In some cases, outcome may not even be permanent. Penis stretching – How does […]

Penis stretching – Overview

Penis stretching is referred to using the hands or a device for increasing the length or girth of the penis.

Although there’s evidence present to recommend that stretching can increase the size, the outcomes are generally minimal. In some cases, outcome may not even be permanent.

Penis stretching – How does it work?

It’s crucial to remember that much of the evidence around penis stretching is informal.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises which are done manually involve using the hand to massage the tissues along the length of the penis. Stretching is meant to stretch the skin and create “micro-tears” in the tissue. The tissues may seem engorged as they heal, making the penis look longer.

Some exercises have also claimed to increase girth, such as jelqing, are also centered around tissue massage.

Maintaining consistency is key to either of these purported effects.

Stretching devices

There has been research studies regarding penile extension devices but the working of it is still unclear

The penis pump can be taken for example. A penis pump is a cylinder-shaped, air-filled chamber that is attached to the pelvic area. They’re known to develop an immediate erection. Some anecdotes also claim that using consistently can eventually increase the length of the penis.

Penile traction devices are also famous. The device pulls on the penis for modifying its curvature. Traction devices have been used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, but more study is needed for determining how effective they really are.


Researches on penis stretching techniques are little. None of the studies have pointed to the effective way to lengthen the penis permanently. However, possibility for a temporary increase in size may be present.

A study review reported that men who are using the Andropenis stretching device an increase in size with extended daily use was seen. Candidates used the device for aboyt six hours every day over the period of four months. They gained around from 1.8 to 3.1 centimeters (cm) in length.

Research is available in abundance for traction devices, though it is not necessarily for increasing penis length:

  • A study in 2011 found that men who were wearing traction devices for up to nine hours a day over the course of three months gained up to an inch in length
  • A 2013 review of penile traction researcg founded that traction devices were most useful for penis connection curving or deformities, not increasing length.
  • A 2016 report had also founded that traction devices had insignificant lengthening effects.




Stretching safely

It is not harmful in trying stretching exercises. They may help in feeling more comfortable with the penis size and appearance.

Stretching exercises

Prior to doing any manual stretching:

  • Only do the exercises while
  • Of the exercise is causing pain or discomfort, stop
  • Sit or stand against a wall or table while doing the exercises.
  • These exercises should only be done once or twice a day to avoid injury.
  • Doctor should be consulted if wanting to hold these exercises longer or doing them more frequently.

For manually stretching the penis:

  1. Grip the head of the penis.
  2. Pull the penis upward, stretching it out for about 10 seconds.
  3. Pull it to the left for another 10 seconds, then to the right.
  4. These steps should be repeated once or twice a day for about 5 minutes.

Or this can also be tried:

  1. Grip the head of penis.
  2. Pull it upward.
  3. Press on the area which is around the base of penis at the same time.
  4. Hold this position for about 10 seconds.
  5. These steps to be repeated with the penis pulled to the left, applying pressure to the base of the penis on the right side.
  6. Repeat these steps with the penis pulled to the right, applying pressure to the base of the penis on the left side.
  7. This exercise should be repeated once a day for up to 2 minutes.

To “jelq” the penis:

  1. Index finger and thumb should be put in an O shape.
  2. Placing the O-shaped gesture at the base of the penis.
  3. Make the O smaller until mild pressure is put on penis shaft.
  4. Move the finger and thumb slowly toward the head of penis until the tip is reached. Decrease the pressure if this feels painful.
  5. This should be repeated once every day for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Stretching with a device

For using a penis pump:

  1. Placing penis inside the air-filled chamber.
  2. Using the pump mechanism for suction of the air out of the chamber. Blood into the penis is pulled causing it to become erect.
  3. Attaching the included ring or clamp to the penis to keep it erect for up to 30 minutes. During this time it is safe to have sex or masturbate
  4. Removing the ring.

Using a traction device:

  1. Inserting the penis into the base end of the device.
  2. Securing the head of the penis within the two notches at the opposite end.
  3. Fastening the silicone tube which is around the shaft of the penis.
  4. Gripping the ends of the silicone tube on the bottom of the device and gradually pulling penis outward.  Pulling should be stopped if it starts to feel painful or uncomfortable.
  5. The penis should be left in the stretched position for 4 to 6 hours a day.


Potential risks and complications

Parge tears in the tissues or damage to the ligaments that connect the penis to the body can be caused if being too rough with it. These injuries can potentially hamper the ability for getting or maintaining an erection.

Doctor’s instructions should be followed while wearing a traction device about for how long to wear it. Wearing it any longer as instructed can cause injuries that can affect penis function.

The blood should not be let to stay in the penis for more than 30 minutes after the usage of pump. Having an erection for more than a few hours can permanently damage your penis.

Stretching exercises or devices can cause:

  • itching
  • minor bruising or discoloration
  • red spots along the penile shaft
  • numbness
  • vein rupture

If the symptoms are lasting for more than 2 days or they are severe, the doctor should consulted. The doctor can evaluate the symptoms and advise on any next steps.






Approach and consistency of using will affect the results for this

Traction devices as an example must be used daily often for months at a time for noticeable effects to be achieved

Informal reports recommend that usage of a penis pump can develop much faster results, but to support this claim research is not available

The time passed for the results to become visible from manual stretching exercises is unclear.

The bottom line

Doctor should be consulted if having any questions or concerns about the penis size. Options can be discussed with the doctor for lengthening and explaining how to do so safely.

Knowledge about how the penis responds to stretching and other types of stimulation may help in feeling more comfortable with the body. Changes in appearance or performance over time may also be noticed.

Make sure to follow any product directions or instructions provided by the doctor. If not performed correctly, stretching can result in injury or erectile dysfunction.

Immediate medical attention should be sought if experiencing pain or discomfort while stretching, or if noticing any change in the erectile function.


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